December 2015 Pairing – Wine Down Box

December 2015 Pairing

Maroon Wines
2013 Signature Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

This 2013 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon was blended from a special selection of Napa Valley AVA’s. Maroon Winery located the best fruit they could to achieve balanced texture, wonderful aromas, ample fruit and the toasty and vanilla notes from the French and American oak combination. The wine has nice fruit aromas, a rich midpalate, well balanced acidity and a medium length finish.

Beehive Cheese Company
Promontory Cheese

As the patriarch of the Beehive family of cheeses, Promontory is an Irish-style cheese with buttery, full-bodied texture and snappy, citrus-like fruity notes. Promontory, as well as all Beehive cheeses, is made from the milk of Jersey cows from Ogden’s Wadeland South Dairy. Wadeland’s Jersey cows enjoy 350 acres near the salty marshes, ponds and mudflats of the mineral-loaded soil of the Great Salt Lake. The same nutrient-rich soil that feeds thousands of migrating birds, feeds the lush alfalfa that the cows love to eat.

The Meatmen
Polsky Sucka

This salami is a dry Polish sausage spiced with tarragon, chive, and lemon zest. This zesty herbaceous salami truly lets the rich pork flavor shine through. The face of this salami is pink in color speckled with herbs.

*Each pairing includes a delicious bag of artisan Nita Crisp wheat bread crackers.

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