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Moscato and Sage & Herb Cheese Pairing

March 2017 Pairing

2013 Muscat (Moscato)
Cardella Winery - Mendota, CA

Sage & Herb Cheese
Plymouth Artisan Cheese - Plymouth, VT

Alle-Pia Fine Cured Meats - Atascadero, CA

Spring is officially upon us and we’ve put together the perfect pairing to help you kick off the new season!

Muscat (Moscato) is produced in a wide variety of fashions ranging from completely dry to extremely sweet. Most domestically-produced Moscato tends to be on the sweeter side rather than the drier, higher alcohol versions found in Italy. The Moscato produced by family operated Cardella Winery is styled in an Italian manner with only 2.3% residual sugar and 13% alcohol. You’ll find it refreshingly crisp, fruity and only slightly sweet with aromas of fresh peach, apricot and white blossoms.

Featured in “Oprah’s Favorite Things 2015”, Plymouth Artisan Cheese in Vermont truly never disappoints. Their Sage & Herbs cheese is wonderful on its own, but when paired with Moscato enhances the florality of the wine with its aromatic sage, thyme, rosemary, lavendar and oregano.

Cacciatorino (Salami Cacciatore or “Hunter’s Salami”) is a fresh salami that has a lighter taste than most other varieties. It is flavored with Chianti wine from Italy and fragrant juniper berries, which further accentuate the Moscato’s fruity and floral notes.

*Each pairing includes a delicious bag of artisan Nita Crisp wheat bread crackers.

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