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Sauvignon Blanc with Sheep & Goat Cheese

October 2016 Pairing

2014 High Valley Sauvignon Blanc
Sidebar Cellars - Healdsburg, CA

This 2014 Sauvignon Blanc is made by the renowned Sonoma/Napa winemaker David Ramey (of Ramey Wine Cellars). Known as Sidebar Cellars’ signature white wine, this is a clean, bright, flavorful and stylish wine meant for a good time with friends.

Boont Corners, 2 months aged
Pennyroyal Farm - Boonville, CA

This wonderful semi-firm cheese is made exclusively from goat and sheep that are raised on the Pennyroyal Family farm. These pampered animals munch on wild grasses and pennyroyal mint that blanket their sixty-six acre farmstead and vineyard in Boonville, California. After sixty days of aging, the cheese develops a stony, textured rind. Its Slightly tangy and salty flavors are balanced by gamey and herbaceous notes.

Alle-Pia Fine Cured Meats - Atascadero, CA

This salami’s fresh flavor comes from juniper berries and Chianti wine from Italy. Salami Cacciatore translates into “hunter’s salami.” It got this name because it is formed into small pieces about six or seven inches long, making them a simple and portable snack easily carried in a hunter’s shoulder bag.

*Each pairing includes a delicious bag of artisan Nita Crisp wheat bread crackers.

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