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Zinfandel with Alpine-style Cheese

November 2016 Pairing

2013 Zinfandel - Estate Old Vine RRV 
Inspiration Vineyards - Santa Rosa, CA

This gorgeous "Front Yard" 100+ year old vine Zinfandel is aged 15 months in neutral American oak. On the nose, you'll find the signature aromas of bay, cardamom, white pepper and thyme. One the palate, look for nicely integrated flavors of black cherry, blackberry with white pepper on the mid palate and baking spice on the finish.

Red Alder Cheese
Mt. Townsend Creamery - Port Townsend, WA

This US Cheese Championship medalist showcases the Mt. Townsend Creamery tradition. Named after the trees of the old growth forests of the Olympic Peninsula, Red Alder is a natural rind, Alpine-style cheese. It is aged for two months, during which it is regularly hand washed in a brine solution. This helps develop its distinct reddish gray rind and nutty and fruity flavor.

Saucisson d'Arles
Olympia Provisions - Portland, OR

Saucisson D'Arles is a French style salami that relies solely on the quality of its ingredients, pork and salt, nothing else. The resulting flavor is a deep, mellow, porky goodness.

*Each pairing includes a delicious bag of artisan Nita Crisp wheat bread crackers.

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