About Wine Down Box

About Wine Down Box


The U.S. food and wine industry has become dominated by giant producers. These companies use incredible marketing tactics to appear small and personal, but rather, they are actually factories that mass produce goods to stock store shelves and restaurants.

There are few businesses that actually connect you with the food and wine artisans who deserve your attention - so we created Wine Down Box.

Our Company

Wine Down Box is a monthly subscription box of limited-production California wine, fresh artisan cheese, delicious charcuterie (salami or cured meat) and hand made crackers. Our team is comprised of passionate food and wine enthusiasts who comb the country to find the best producers, taste their products and make the best pairings available to you.

We order products directly from these small to medium-sized farms and vineyards, then, immediately package and ship the pairing. Quality, freshness and a memorable experience are always guaranteed.

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