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Considering your love of wine combined with your instincts for what's in, it's no surprise that you've ended up here. Guaranteed to get you out of any wine rut, each wine subscription will help you look beyond your go-tos, skip over all those overrated bottles from elsewhere, and get straight to the good stuff.

Our expertly curated pairings draw from the best small-batch California wines and deliver them with fresh, artisanal cheese, handcrafted charcuterie, and scratch-made crackers. Once your subscription kicks off, each month will be full of indulgence without the attitude, and the only thing left to do will be to sit back and enjoy. Because you deserve it.

1 Month Subscription

$ 70/box


*shipping included
*billed monthly

3 Month Subscription

$ 68/box


*save 3% per box
*shipping included
*billed quarterly

6 Month Subscription

$ 65/box


*save 7% per box
*shipping included
*billed semi-annually

12 Month Subscription

$ 63/box


*save 10% per box
*shipping included
*billed annually

Based on 55 reviews

Perfect presentation and wonderful gift! Thank you!

My parents loved it!

I ordered this box as a gift for my parents, and they could not stop raving about it! They were also surprised that the cheese was such a large portion, it lasted them several days. Will definitely order again! Great gift, perfect for wine lovers! :)

Nom nom nom.

Exquisite cheese, cured meat and crackers. The bottle of wine was the perfect compliment. Can’t wait for next month’s shipment!


I bought this for my brother for his birthday and it was so easy to order. He got it on time and loved everything!

perfect gift!

i looked long and hard across the various wine delivery services, and I am SO happy that I chose WineDownBox. It is the perfect gift because it creates a full experience for the recipient. I gifted the 3-month package to my mom for her birthday, and she loved it!! She especially appreciated how the overview of the wine was very detailed (a full page)! And the crackers, cheese, and meat that came paired with the wine were amazing! Oh, and not to mention - my parents LOVED the wine itself. They usually don't like white wine, but they were extremely happy with the selection. We drank it all in one sitting (oops!) and they took a picture so they could buy it later.

I will say, the only downside is the delivery process. Since I bought the item as a gift, I was the one who received the shipping information. The recipient has to be present and sign for the box. So an element of surprise was removed. I wish there was a way to have the recipient get the shipping information and details.

Hi Maria, Thank you for the kind words and feedback! I agree the adult signature requirement is one of the biggest challenges for wine deliveries. The best way to keep the element of surprise is to have the box shipped to the recipient's business address, but we are working on more solutions to truly optimize the gift experience. If you'd like the recipient to receive the shipping notifications, we can certainly make that change for you -- we're emailing you now to check in with you! Kindest regards, Andrew
beautiful basket

myfamily loves it

Nice wines!

Really liked the garlic cheese!


My sister wasn't home when the package was delivered. Since the package required a signature, it was driven around the delivering truck and then to the warehouse where the food items went bad. Due to the cooling agent thawing. I understand that it is difficult to time a delivery, it would be worth while to look into placing "keep refrigerated" on the box or using some other type of cooling agent. They wine was enjoyed but would have been better with food pairings.

Hi Sean, Thank you for your feedback -- I'm sorry to hear that your sister wasn't able to enjoy the full experience! The warehouse does refrigerate packages in between delivery attempts (noted on the shipping label), but it's difficult to guarantee the quality after multiple transit attempts. Although we keep our communication open about monthly delivery dates, I agree that adult signature requirements can sometimes be difficult to coordinate. We recommend shipping to a business address if the adult signature may be a concern. We're emailing you now to make things right! Best regards, Andrew
Great Gift

I purchased this as a wedding gift and the couple loved it! It was a great way to end the day and I would recommend this product to anyone.


I cannot say enough positive things about WineDownBox!

I purchased a 6-month subscription for my parents as a holiday gift. Andrew was extremely helpful in arranging the subscription to start after I gifted them the surprise, even correcting a mistake of mine to ensure the surprise went smoothly.

My parents have raved about the pairings each month - and believe me they are usually tough wine critics. I found that the monthly deliveries reminded my parents to take a break from work & enjoy each others' company, which was great. Their subscription ended this month, but they have enjoyed WineDownBox so much that I don't have the heart to tell them it's over - I am renewing their subscription ASAP!

I would highly recommend WDB as a gift.

Great gift

Bought this as a retirement gift for a friend/coworker. She loved it. Said the wine was so good she drank it all the first night and has to save the meat, cheese, and crackers for another night. Two thumbs up!!!

5 star

Wine Down Box - Gift Subscription

Amazing gift for new mom

My sister had twins last year and with two rugrats, it's hard to find time for yourself. Getting a wine down box every month forced her to stop and relax. There's no greater gift for a new mother than some wine and new charcuterie to experience. I'll be getting her more subscriptions!

Best. Birthday. Gift. Ever.

I gave this as a birthday gift to my best friend. We've given each other birthday gifts every year for the last 20 years. This is the first time she's ever written me a letter thanking me for my gift (in addition to all the exclamation point filled texts). She is so happy with it, she's already made plans for how she will eat her first cheese and drink the wine. And she is so stoked to have 5 more coming. I'll definitely be gifting this again, and pretty soon! My sister's birthday is coming up.

Also, the customer service was phenomenal. I had missed the order cut off to get my friend the first box by her birthday, and Andrew made sure that a box got out in time for her. Great company, all around.

Thank you,
Kebra Ward

5 star

Haven't had it yet. More of a summer choice for me.

Best monthly treat!

My fiancé and I just celebrated our anniversary with a wine down box and we were so impressed! The pairings were great and very tasty!

It was wonderful!

My friend really enjoyed her box! It shipped on time and the items inside were lovely! Thank you so much for making Wine Down Box such an easy and painless process!!!

Very Impressed!

My husband & I loved the shipment that we are now addicted!

You've got to try it!!!

I got this as a Christmas gift for my parents and it was their favorite gift they had gotten in a long time. They surpassed my expectations on the quality and deliciousness of the box. I will be getting them this same gift next year for Christmas also!!!

Almost everything you need for the perfect romantic evening!

The box and the products came in fine shape. As the website warned, I would have some concern in warmer weather, as there was no insolation, but it worked well this time. The wine, cheese, meat, and crackers were all as advertised! Tasty and perfectly proportioned for two people and a quiet evening at home. Michael

5 star

Loved the last box so much we bought a case of the wine!!

First shipment a success!

Really enjoyed the first shipment of wine, cheese, and salami. Looking forward to the next one!

4 star

Wine Down Box - Gift Subscription

5 star

Wine Down Box - Gift Subscription


What a nice idea for a gift. Everything was good.

Beyond our Expectations!

My husband and I received this as a gift for Christmas from our children. We were delighted, but really didn't expect to be so "wowed" by the quality of each item in the box. The cheese reminded us of a favorite cheese from France, the salami was incredible, and the wine was so good we have already purchased 6 bottles. Not only was each item delicious, but perfectly paired. It was clear that a lot of effort had gone into determining the perfect pairing. We were very impressed and can't wait for the next box to be delivered!


I ordered this as a Christmas present, and it was a hit. Shipment came on time, and they told me the contents were delicious. Would order again.

5 star

Wine Down Box - Gift Subscription

5 star

Delicious wine and great pairing!

for the parents

I ordered this as gift for my parents. They thoroughly enjoyed the wine, cheese, and crackers. However, they did not like the meat that was sent.

Perfect Happy Hour Combo

The wine, cheese, salami and crackers were the perfect amount for a happy hour for two to three people.

Christmas gift for parents

This is the gift that keeps giving! My parents were thrilled with the thought of having custom wine, meat and cheese pairing delivered each month! It will be my go to gift for everyone!

Awesome box of wine and cheese!

My husband and I loved this box! Everything was delicious and paired perfectly together. It was a really fun box to try and a good value. Just wish the shipping wasn't so expensive.

3 star

Wine Down Box - Gift Subscription

Best Gift Ever

I gave Wine Down Box as a Christmas gift to my boyfriend who is very hard to shop for. As soon as he received his gift, I knew how happy he was with my selection. Everything arrived fast and in a timely manner and it all tasted great! Will definitely keep our subscription. Great gift idea!

Christmas gift for my brother-in-law

My brother-in-law enjoyed the wine and pairing very much! This is a great gift for anyone who enjoys wine! Thank you!

pairings on point

My husband received this as a birthday present. So far, we have received one shipment. The pairings were great. Great wine!!! We loved the cheese and salami as well.

The shipping process could use some work. It requires a signature so don't ship to your house if you can't be home before 5 pm.

Customer service is wonderful and available to help if needed! They rerouted the package to my husband's work.

Love Our Wine Down Boxes

Our children gave us a three month subscription for Christmas. We have had two boxes delivered, so far, and have thoroughly enjoyed them. We are looking forward to our third box and will be ordering as gifts in the future. Cheers!

Perfect Gift

I gave a gift subscription to my parents for Christmas & they enjoyed it very much! They said all the items paired together wonderfully. Will definitely order again!

Awesome gift!

Amazing Christmas gift! The parents and whole family love it!

Holiday Cheer

I surprised my daughter with a Wine Down Box for Christmas. She invited a few friends over to enjoy the wine and food. Perfect way to celebrate the season.

Three Month Gift Subcription

We just received our first of three boxes, which are a Christmas present from our children. We very much enjoyed everything in the first box and look forward to the next two. I will definitely be keeping you in mind when we have gifts to buy for friends and family. Much thanks and Happy New Year!


We got our friends a subscription to Wine Down Box as their wedding gift and they loved it! We searched for a while for a subscription that had both wine and cheese/charcuterie, as most of them don't. Wine Down Box was easy to order and when we had a question about shipping, the customer service was quick to respond and very helpful. Overall, it was a great way to give someone something that keeps on giving. We will definitely keep it in mind for other friends/family in the future.


This was my first box.pleasantlysuprised

Very happy with this purchase!

We gave this to my parents as a gift for their anniversary and they love it! They said the selection is great. We just extended them another 6 months.

Loved it

Bought it as a gift and they loved it! Whole bottle of wine, block of cheese, crackers and meat!

The best gift my Fiancé got

For my fiances birthday I ordered her a subscription to Wine Down Box, to say she loved it would be an understatement. All four pieces in the box were perfect on their own but together they matched up perfectly!


Unique gift, great pairings, delivery was so slow

Hi Amanda, thank you for your feedback! We did experience some FedEx delays due to Thanksgiving. We are working very hard with suppliers to avoid any delays like this in the future. Cheers and Happy Holidays!
A Surprise Gift For My Girlfriend!

This was a surprise gift for my girlfriend and she absolutely loved it! She's picky when it comes to her cheese - and she really liked the Wine Down Box selection. It came with a great Malbec that we ended up sharing together. I recommend this gift for friends, that special someone, or for yourself!