Wine Down Box - 3 Month Subscription

3 Month Subscription - Billed Quarterly

3 Month Subscription - Billed Quarterly
3 Month Subscription - Billed Quarterly
3 Month Subscription - Billed Quarterly
3 Month Subscription - Billed Quarterly

A curated pairing of the best small-production wine, cheese and charcuterie (salami). Each box includes one 750ml bottle of wine, enough cheese and charcuterie for two people and a bag of delicious handmade crackers.

1 Month = $49/box
3 Months = $48/box
6 Months = $47/box **MOST POPULAR
12 Months = $45/box

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* Billed per plan cycle. Ships monthly.
* Shipments are typically delivered by the 25th of each month.

Customer Reviews

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perfect gift!

i looked long and hard across the various wine delivery services, and I am SO happy that I chose WineDownBox. It is the perfect gift because it creates a full experience for the recipient. I gifted the 3-month package to my mom for her birthday, and she loved it!! She especially appreciated how the overview of the wine was very detailed (a full page)! And the crackers, cheese, and meat that came paired with the wine were amazing! Oh, and not to mention - my parents LOVED the wine itself. They usually don't like white wine, but they were extremely happy with the selection. We drank it all in one sitting (oops!) and they took a picture so they could buy it later.

I will say, the only downside is the delivery process. Since I bought the item as a gift, I was the one who received the shipping information. The recipient has to be present and sign for the box. So an element of surprise was removed. I wish there was a way to have the recipient get the shipping information and details.

Hi Maria, Thank you for the kind words and feedback! I agree the adult signature requirement is one of the biggest challenges for wine deliveries. The best way to keep the element of surprise is to have the box shipped to the recipient's business address, but we are working on more solutions to truly optimize the gift experience. If you'd like the recipient to receive the shipping notifications, we can certainly make that change for you -- we're emailing you now to check in with you! Kindest regards, Andrew
beautiful basket

myfamily loves it

Illegal Delivery and Poor Customer Service

Written today.See Below:


I cancelled my order for any future shipments and requested a refund, While my and I enjoyed receiving the monthly shipments as a gift (which I paid for as a birthday gift for him) he felt that the shipping charges and hassle of dealing with GSO it was not worth the expense. I have tried many times to contact someone by phone without success.

Despite the above, and receiving a cancellation confirmation email from your company, we have not received a credit for charges incurred AND earlier in the week with very short warning, GSO left a notice of attempted delivery on our door. I did not reply as we had cancelled the shipments.

Two days ago the package was simply left (in the Arizona heat and direct sunlight) on our doorstep.Now, if it is illegal to do so, why have we gone through the difficulty of arranging delivery and signature at inconvenient times and work locations? Again I ask, is that not an illegal practice?

I am beyond frustration over this gift that "keeps on giving" I have disputed the charge, and am considering voicing my extreme displeasure on social media or even the local news. I hope it does not come to this, because we enjoyed the gift, Your customer service however is sadly lacking. I am sure that you can easily correct the problem and thank you in advance for your assistance.

Hi Joe and Sara, Please accept my sincerest apologies for any inconveniences -- I certainly understand your frustrations and appreciate your feedback. Our gift subscriptions are one-time (non-recurring) charges, but our subscriptions do automatically renew. Email reminders are sent 3 days prior to any recurring charges, as well as on the same day as the charge being processed. When the 'recurring charges' are cancelled after the charge is processed (in this case), our system recognizes this as cancelling future 'recurring charges', but not previous charges. We will revise our cancellation protocol to make sure there isn't any confusion with this for future customers. GSO is a third party carrier used by nearly every California wine club and they are instructed to obtain adult signatures upon delivery as required by law. I will contact our GSO account representative regarding the shipment that was left, as that's certainly not acceptable. We are emailing you now regarding your refund. If you ever need assistance in the future, we do not have a support phone number but we are always available via email at Kindest regards, Andrew
Nice wines!

Really liked the garlic cheese!


My sister wasn't home when the package was delivered. Since the package required a signature, it was driven around the delivering truck and then to the warehouse where the food items went bad. Due to the cooling agent thawing. I understand that it is difficult to time a delivery, it would be worth while to look into placing "keep refrigerated" on the box or using some other type of cooling agent. They wine was enjoyed but would have been better with food pairings.

Hi Sean, Thank you for your feedback -- I'm sorry to hear that your sister wasn't able to enjoy the full experience! The warehouse does refrigerate packages in between delivery attempts (noted on the shipping label), but it's difficult to guarantee the quality after multiple transit attempts. Although we keep our communication open about monthly delivery dates, I agree that adult signature requirements can sometimes be difficult to coordinate. We recommend shipping to a business address if the adult signature may be a concern. We're emailing you now to make things right! Best regards, Andrew